5 Situations That Require A Call for Emergency Septic Pumping

Imagine taking a nice, hot shower after a long day. The water feels refreshing as you wash away the stress of work. The gurgling sound from the shower drain is a little distracting, but you ignore it, as you have many times before. Then, you start to smell something foul, like rotten eggs, and suddenly, you see sewage backing up into your once-relaxing shower. Gross!

It turns out you shouldn’t have ignored those gurgling sounds and slow water drainage all those times. Maybe you didn’t get a chance to read our recent post about the six signs you will soon need emergency septic services, or you simply forgot to give your trusted septic professionals a call.

Either way, you require emergency septic pumping. Biros Septic & Drain Cleaning can help with this septic tank and drain cleaning service, so be sure to give us a call today if any of the following five situations happen in your home.

1. Sewage Backing Up into Sink, Toilet, and Shower Drains

As previously mentioned, sewage backing up into your toilet, shower, or sink indicates there’s an emergency issue with your septic system or sewer line. You may also notice an overflowing septic tank. Sewage has a distinctive foul odor and is usually black.

The first thing you’ll want to do when this unpleasant event happens is to stop using water immediately. Then, call a trusted full-service septic sewer and drain cleaning company, like Biros Septic & Drain Cleaning, for 24-hours-a-day emergency septic service.

What Causes a Sewer Drain to Clog?

You may be wondering if there is something you did to cause your drains to clog and how you can prevent it in the future. Sewer drains can clog due to solids blocking the exit pipe. You may have been accidentally flushing the wrong items down your toilet. Perhaps your sewer lines or septic tank haven’t been cleaned in a long time.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, Biros can inspect the inside of your sewer and septic lines with a camera and use a rooter and high-pressure water jetting equipment to clear out any clogs.

2. Septic System Alarm Beeping

Another sign that it’s time to call for septic tank pumping is if you hear your septic system alarm beeping. Some modern septic systems come equipped with an alarm to indicate emergency issues with the septic system.

For example, it could mean that your household used too much water too quickly, and the system can’t process it fast enough. It can also mean a leak in the tank, and the system took on groundwater from the tank not being sealed properly or from power, control float, or pump failure. Call Biros Septic for a septic inspection immediately to find out the cause of the alarm.

3. High Nitrate Concentration in Well Water

According to the EPA, if your home uses private well water, it’s important to get it tested annually for total coliform bacteria, nitrates, total dissolved solids, and pH levels. If your nitrate concentration is high, call Biros for emergency septic pumping. High nitrate levels may indicate that your system is overly full and is leaching waste into the soil and groundwater.

4. Clogged Restaurant Grease Trap

Keeping your restaurant grease trap maintained is essential for reducing health and safety hazards. In addition, a clogged grease trap can not only lead to unappetizing aromas that can turn away diners. Allowing grease to build up in your trap makes it so that it has nowhere to go except your drain lines, leading to clogs. If you find your restaurant grease trap clogged, call Biros immediately for service.

5. Excess Pooling in the Drainfield

While excessive rainfall can lead to pooling in your yard, if you notice a big puddle in your yard and it hasn’t rained in a few days, that’s a good sign you need emergency septic pumping. This warning sign indicates one of three possible scenarios:

  1. The septic tank is full and needs to be pumped
  2. A field pipe could be broken due to tree roots or driving over the septic field
  3. The field itself could have failed because it wasn’t “perked” correctly

No matter what causes the pooling, it’s essential to have a professional perform a septic inspection to determine the cause and complete any repairs needed.

Need Emergency Septic Pumping? Call Biros Today!

Whether you notice sewage backing up, clogged grease traps, or excessive pooling, emergency septic tank pumping is a necessity for your home or business. Call Biros Septic & Drain Cleaning for high-quality septic and drain cleaning, repair, and maintenance with excellent customer service. Our friendly technicians are available for you with 24/7 emergency services, so schedule your emergency appointment today!

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