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Septic Inspection Company Near You in Scranton & Wilkes-Barre, PA

Septic Services

Biros Septic & Drain Cleaning, Inc. provides septic services including installations, repairs, hydraulic septic tests, and inspections of septic tanks and pumps. We provide PSMA and NOF certified inspections.

We make owning a septic system easy by providing you with complete service. In addition to cleaning your septic tank, our uniformed and trained technicians will use a variety of septic system testing methods to evaluate the condition of your system and inform you of any concerns. Included in this evaluation is a preventative maintenance plan designed specifically for the type and age of your system and the number of occupants in your home.

Biros Septic & Drain Cleaning, Inc., provides the following services:

bobcat construction equipment
  • Septic tank pump-outs
  • Evaluation of system components, including areas of potential concern and education to homeowners
  • No-Hassle Maintenance Program for individual homeowners and commercial business owners to take the worry out of septic maintenance scheduling. Simply sign up and we’ll call you when it’s time for your next septic system maintenance.
  • Additional services for easier future maintenance, including extension risers and cosmetic repairs
  • Emergency response

Septic Inspections

Biros Septic & Drain Cleaning, Inc. provides septic inspections certified by the Pennsylvania Septage Management Association (PSMA). We must follow the guidelines established by the PSMA/NOF to ensure a quality and thorough inspection.

  • Septic system inspections
  • Hydraulic septic load tests
  • Perc tests
  • Septic system locating
  • Rooter & High-pressure water jetting
  • Camera/TV of sewer and septic lines
  • Septic and sanitary sewer repairs
  • Sewer line connections to public sewers
  • Residential septic pumps repaired or replaced

The PSMA Inspection Report

The detailed inspection report includes the age, condition, size, all system components, and type of septic system that is installed for the home. If the report notes any damage or problems, it will be provided to the purchaser of the inspection.

PSMA Inspections for Home Purchases

When buying a home, it’s important that the homeowner have an inspection performed before signing any documents to finalize the home purchase. The homeowner should find a PSMA-certified inspector. The inspector checks the septic system making sure that all the items on the PSMA checklist are in working order. The inspector will provide a detailed report to the purchaser of the inspection.

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